Combattente italiano delle Ypg manda un messaggio all’Italia dal Rojava


Pubblichiamo un video realizzato dalle Ypg in Rojava dove un compagno italiano si rivolge al nostro paese dal fronte di Raqqa spiegando l’attuale situazione nel nord della Siria e rivolgendo un appello alla solidarietà dopo l’invasione turca di Jarablus e i bombardamenti a Menbij.

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We remember Heval Gîvara (Dean Carl Evans) and Heval Rodî (Martin Gruden)

02082016YPG wrote many chapters of resistance against fascism and made legendary gaines that will go down in history against their enemys. From the beginning of the revolution in Rojava, we have fought for all of humanity and common decency everywhere. Because of this, many have been killed in the defense of human rights.

From the beginning of the revolution and resistance in West Kurdistan against the evil invaders of our homeland a lot of men and women from all areas of Kurdistan from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds came together for the defense and dignity of their people and homeland, so that everyone can live in peace with freedom and self determination.

Many international fighters joined our forces. Two men, Heval Givara, a British man and Heval Rodi, a slovenian man came with the noblest of intentions and planted a seed of love into the hearts of our friends and all the peoples of Rojava.

Our fighters Gîvara (Dean Carl Evans) and Rodî (Martin Gruden) joined the Rojava Revolution to write their chapter in the history of the kurdish people and to push an evil from this holy ground.

Both fought with an unwavering believe in the right of the revolutionary cause at the very front against this stain on humanity called DAESH (ISIS). Not one moment did they retreat and they sacrified their lifes for the people of this area.

We remember all of our martyrs and want to show our heartfelled respect for their families and especially for the families and loved ones of our heroes Gîvara (Dean Carl Evans) and Rodî (Martin Gruden).


Nom de guerre: Gîvara Rojava
Real Name: Dean Carl Evans
Name of the Mother: Jo
Name of the Father: John
Place of birth: England / Reading
Date and place of martyrdom: 21. July 2016 Manbij

Nom de guerre: Rodî Çekdar
Real Name: Martin Gruden
Name of the Mother: Zorka
Name of the Father: Alexandr
Place of birth: Slovenya/ Ljubljana
Date and place of martyrdom: 27. July 2016 Manbij

Navenda Ragihandina YPG | 2. August 2016

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Havin Guneser about Democratic Confederalism

When we first had the idea for such a conference not too many people had in fact heard about the alternative paradigm the Kurdish people were discussing and attempting to implement. But today suddenly in the personage of a town, that nobody had ever heard―Kobani―, we are witnessing something revolutionary―just when many had been convinced that revolutions are not possible, even if so, not in the Middle East, not in Kurdistan!

Of course, if we do not look at the past of Kobani or Rojava in general we will give it attributes of a miracle happening. I would like to today look in depth at how this miracle happened. Of course this is not a miracle―it is the vision of a free life that the Kurdish people, the Kurdish freedom movement, and Abdullah Öcalan have been envisaging for the past 40 years or so. But how to reach this vision of a free life has not been easy to realize. This answers to this question have continuously transformed over the years.

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The Rojava revolution became a revolution for humanity which attracted the attention of the world with the valiance of the resistance of YPG, YPJ and the people of Rojava. One of them was our comrade Agir Servan, of US origin.


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Briefly On Socialism – Abdullah Ocalan

Briefly On Socialism

Abdullah Ocalan

Humanity is ontologically inherent with socialist awareness. The time has come however, for humanity to develop a socialist science capable of curing the disease that is capitalism; otherwise the wars of the past five hundred years, the atom bomb, extreme population growth and ecological destruction cannot be explained. We must firstly learn to greatly value historical social entities such as clans, tribes, ethnic groups and stateless nations, those that liberal capitalist modernity and its real-socialist variant have both degraded as backward social entities. All these variations of societal organization are of value. In accordance with dialectic thought we must be able to see the wholesome existence of clans, tribes and ethnic groups as component entities of even the most developed of nations. An element composed of a hundred atoms does not deny the existence of the atom, instead the formation of an element is the expression of the advancement of atoms; a similar analysis of societal variations that have succeeded the clan form will ultimately lead us to a better understanding of society. Continue reading

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Fight Against Darkness – An internationalist view on Nice

A dastardly darkness has targeted innocent people in Nice, France. They were watching the fireworks in remembrance of the Bastille Day, an honorable day for the revolution that was, alas, going to be hijacked by the bourgeois class later. Or they were just taking a stroll, an act that has been forbidden for many cities of the Middle East for long. Are the questions ‚How many?‘, ‚How old?‘, ‚What nationality?‘, etc. important now? Politicians of states have already repeated the same old clichés that this was a heinous and horrific attack, that perpetrator(s) are the enemy of humanity, and that they will avenge this treacherous act etc. The journalists have tried to talk to the eye witnesses who have been traumatized by what they had seen and heard. Millions have shared videos of the moments in which the truck has become a death machine that crushed people to death. We had almost got used to shootings , stabbings, and bombings. But now the trucks too have become deadly weapons. What else? What unexpected ends do wait for hundreds or thousands? Will the people be able to look at the things that move around without suspicion from now on? The darkness seems to have terrorized millions irreversibly. But what about those who are fighting against the darkness? They are sending their revolutionary greetings and their condolences to the people of Nice. They try to tear the darkness apart from streets to streets and from the buildings to buildings. Their best answer to the darkness is to intensify the dignified fight against it. Because they know very well that to live is to resist.

Botan Bahoz

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July 14 Nice Attack – YPG internationalists offer their condolences

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Sehid Gunter Hellsten

*Gunter Helsten from Germany Martyred Fighting ISIS*
YPG volunteer fighter Gunter Helsten, pseudonym „Rustem Cudi“ lost his live in clashes against ISIS gangs on 23rd february 2016 in Shaddadi.
In an Interview he said: “Revolution is not only war and carrying weapons, revolution means to understand life right. To defend this life and the values of humanity, we are ready, for a the victory in this heavy war.”

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Sehid Gabar – Jamie Bright

Jamie Bright came to Rojava as an Australian volunteer to support the People’s Defense Units (YPG) in their struggle against terrorist groups. On June 2015 he told us about his experience:

After participating in military efforts against terrorist elements for over a year, comrade Jamie was martyred in action on May 25, 2016 when their position in southern Hasakah was heavily targeted by terrorist forces.

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Internationalists in Rojava remember Heval Dilsoz


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