We remember Heval Gîvara (Dean Carl Evans) and Heval Rodî (Martin Gruden)

02082016YPG wrote many chapters of resistance against fascism and made legendary gaines that will go down in history against their enemys. From the beginning of the revolution in Rojava, we have fought for all of humanity and common decency everywhere. Because of this, many have been killed in the defense of human rights.

From the beginning of the revolution and resistance in West Kurdistan against the evil invaders of our homeland a lot of men and women from all areas of Kurdistan from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds came together for the defense and dignity of their people and homeland, so that everyone can live in peace with freedom and self determination.

Many international fighters joined our forces. Two men, Heval Givara, a British man and Heval Rodi, a slovenian man came with the noblest of intentions and planted a seed of love into the hearts of our friends and all the peoples of Rojava.

Our fighters Gîvara (Dean Carl Evans) and Rodî (Martin Gruden) joined the Rojava Revolution to write their chapter in the history of the kurdish people and to push an evil from this holy ground.

Both fought with an unwavering believe in the right of the revolutionary cause at the very front against this stain on humanity called DAESH (ISIS). Not one moment did they retreat and they sacrified their lifes for the people of this area.

We remember all of our martyrs and want to show our heartfelled respect for their families and especially for the families and loved ones of our heroes Gîvara (Dean Carl Evans) and Rodî (Martin Gruden).


Nom de guerre: Gîvara Rojava
Real Name: Dean Carl Evans
Name of the Mother: Jo
Name of the Father: John
Place of birth: England / Reading
Date and place of martyrdom: 21. July 2016 Manbij

Nom de guerre: Rodî Çekdar
Real Name: Martin Gruden
Name of the Mother: Zorka
Name of the Father: Alexandr
Place of birth: Slovenya/ Ljubljana
Date and place of martyrdom: 27. July 2016 Manbij

Navenda Ragihandina YPG | 2. August 2016

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